Mod Lites of Arkansas Honor the Late Tex Meyers

Coming up this Saturday, April 24th, the Mod Lites of Arkansas will pay tribute with a special race honoring the late Tex Meyers at Diamond Park Speedway. The race will feature special trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd structured with an 8 Ball. The 8 Ball is easily recognized as Meyers customary number. The race will also pay $508.00 to win.

"Our organization wanted to do something to honor Tex at his home track," according to Bryce Vowan, president of the Mod Lites of Arkansas. "He meant so much to all of us who race mod lites here in the state. He was one of the pioneers of the sports when dwarf cars first got started here in Arkansas. He was also well respected nationwide with the construction of theses cars as well as innovator of many of the parts that are used on our cars today."

Tex Meyers, of Hot Springs, Arkansas, was a racing veteran of over a quarter of a century, and was was the 2020 Mod Lite Champion at Diamond Park Speedway located just outside Murfreesboro, Arkansas. Tex Meyers passed away in December of 2020, and was a friend and true gentleman in the world of motor sports.

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