Missouri’s John Beason Takes Stick Shift Shootout at CENTERVILLE DRAGWAY.

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

In the sport of drag racing as far as bracket racing is concerned the automatic two speed power glide dominates the choice when it comes to transmission selection. However a bracket class featuring the standard shift transmission is quickly becoming a fan favorite as it grows into one of drag racing’s most exciting classes.

Recently on September 5, 2020, at the Stick Shift Shootout hosted by Centerville Dragway, the race to the final round started early Saturday for eventual winner John Beason of Ava, Missouri, and runner up Kent Morphew of De Queen, Arkansas. Both drivers had to trek some of the most treacherous roads the state of Arkansas has to offer just for the chance to meet each other in final round action. And once in Centerville, Arkansas, they had to contend with a field of cars that featured some of the Midwest’s best when it comes to clutch pedals and shifter levers on a 1/8 mile track.

Winner John Beason, a touring veteran drag racer said that the racing at Centerville had been tough all night. “There was some fantastic competition here tonight, and there always is when we come down here. The people who run this race track did a great job tonight, and they always do. It’s what draws the competition here for a race like this.”

“We unloaded the car off the truck tonight and it was really consistent all night long and I seemed to be able to hit the shifts just right. That enabled us to move into the finals. I knew going into the finals that it was going to be a tough one, as Morphew had been doing his job all night long.”

“I have got to thank my car owner Bill Porter who put me in a car that enabled me to win tonight. Ever since I started drag racing Bill has been my car owner. I’ve drag raced for a long time, and about five years ago we started racing with a manual transmission. I love it, and I wouldn’t race anything else.”

“It’s been a long day. A long trip down here. And a long night to get to the finals, but I’m glad we are here, and proud to get the win tonight.”

Kent Morphew said after the race. “It’s been a good night, and anytime you put a clutch pedal in a car you are doing just what it says on the side of this car. Flirting with Disaster.”

The semifinalist for the event was Larry Tarr of Marshfield, Missouri, and Ross Bull of Bentonville, Arkansas.