As we gear up for our second month of traveling our great state of Arkansas in search of the stories and the people that create the world of motorsports that we all so much enjoy, a few thoughts come to mind. Actually several do.

In the beginning discussions of forming Arkansas Motorsports Magazine, and Tuesday Night Tune Up, we had no idea how quick the popularity of each would grow. To be honest, we had set a realistic goal that if one hundred people tuned in to the first show. We would consider it a success. To our dismay, over 1,000 people tuned in while the show was live, and close to another thousand watched a replay of the show during the week. Our written words can in no way express our sincere thanks to those who watched the show. And we can never thank Travis Mosley, John Waugh, Ray Sullins, and Mooney Starr for being the first guest on our show. Even though we carefully explained to them that we/this had never been done before, without hesitation the accepted their invitation to be our first guest. Another prime example of how brave race car drivers and promoters actually are.

Also we must thank our sponsors for month number one. Thank you for signing on and believing in a product that only existed in theory.

As we started traveling across Arkansas we began to realize that our state is much larger than we ever imagined. The great part about that is it just increases the number of people that have a story that we need to tell. And if nothing else good comes from Arkansas Motorsports Magazine, we have had the opportunity to meet and make friends with some of the greatest people the state of Arkansas has to offer. And the best part about that, is we are just getting started.

So as we move into the month of November, and with Thanksgiving coming up, we want to take this opportunity to say “THANKS” to each and every one of you that in some way has made Arkansas Motorsports Magazine and Tuesday Night Tune Up a part of your lives.

Until next month; See You At The Races


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