Centerville Super Speedway to host the SCREAMER on Oct 30th. Figure 8 Racing Returns

Wayne Tidwell, owner and promoter of the Centerville Super Speedway has advised Arkansas Motorsports Magazine that the 1st Annual “SCREAMER” will be held on Friday, October 30th, at the Centerville Super Speedway. Racing will get underway at 8 p.m.

Tidwell stated that the night of racing will include Factory Stocks, Outlaw Hobby’s, and Bombers. And at the end of the program, a Figure 8 race will be run. It will be the first Figure 8 race held at the track in some forty-five years.

In a Figure 8 race, cars race on a course laid out on the track and the infield. Cars will enter turns one and two normally. Then turn into the infield where the center of the infield will serve as an intersection. After clearing the intersection, the cars will then enter turns four and then turn three and drive back through the intersection. After leaving the intersection the cars once again enter turn one, and repeat for the required number of laps for the race.

Tidwell stated, “It will be a great night of racing action, and the Figure 8 race will give some race fans a chance to see something they have never seen before. Those races can be a little scary so what better night to have it than right before Halloween.”

Also the Screamer will feature the tracks annual Trick or Treat for kids with the drivers at intermission. That event will be held along the front straightaway as it has for many years.

For more information on the race, please contact Wayne Tidwell at 479-970-0160.


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