The state of Arkansas is deep-rooted in all forms of automobile racing. Whether its drag, oval track, sprint cars, mud drag, or karts, Arkansas Motorsports Magazine is seeking to fill a much-needed media void that our favorite sports desperately need. Arkansas Motorsports Magazine believes that in every racer, every race track, every race, and sometimes a race car, that there is a story. And we are taking on the job to travel the state of Arkansas to search out, and to tell these stories.

Some stories will be written while others will be done through video interviews, and will be loaded onto our internet magazine site. Each month will feature different stories, news, driver interviews, results, pictures, and videos concerning racing around the state.


Also, each Tuesday night watch our live motorsports talk show, Tuesday Night Tune Up, hosted by Bill Gilkey and Heath Tate. Each Tuesday night at 7 p.m. they will be live somewhere in the state of Arkansas talking motorsports, interviewing drivers, promoters, and those behind the scenes that make up our great sports. You will get all of this, plus more, for FREE thanks to our great sponsors listed below.

Tuesday Night Tune Up

Facebook Live Broadcast where the team travels the state to talk all things motorsports with the ones that make it happen. 

Arkansas Racing Legends

Arkansas Racing legends is a prerecorded web series and articles that highlight racers in Arkansas. 

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